Bookkeeping Services

Profit Financial Services proudly offers the following bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses in or around Hamilton, Cambridge and Brantford, Ontario:

  • Cloud bookkeeping
  • About the cloud
  • Financial statements

Please visit these pages to learn more about the important services that our bookkeepers provide for the financial prosperity for your company!

Overview Of What Our Bookkeeping Services Have To Offer

  • Our bookkeepers offer our Brantford bookkeeping services on location, remotely or a combination of both.
  • We perform bank reconciliations every day, every week or on a monthly basis.  All Reconciliations will be accurate, guaranteed.
  • Accounts payable and Accounts receivable.  Our team will set up a practical and profitable system to exceed your expectations.
  • Full service bookkeeping to meet all your needs.  Contact us today, we are eager to set up a custom bookkeeping system for your business.


“Bookkeeping involves a system of transaction recordings that affect a company, from the data-entry process to the preparation of financial statements.”

A simpler definition would be, bookkeeping is the method of determining which numbers are important to your small business. After this has been determined, we set up a unique system that will regulate the information you want and need.  This is new system is now referred to as your business’s accounting system.

Are You Looking For

  • A way to increase cash flow, improve your financial records, or customize your budget to help manage business costs?
  • Assistance with bookkeeping, fraud prevention, tax planning or preparation, and other compliance requirements?
  • A way to upgrade your current accounting system to save you money?

If yes was your answer to any of the preceding questions, let us help you.  We have accounting services that will help you grow your small business.

Speed Up Your Business Success

By getting the right accounting system in place, you will automatically accelerate the growth process of your business.  Business owners who properly record their number, have a better chance at success.

We can help determine “money leaks” in your accounting system and create a system to eliminate all problem areas.

Benefits of our Bookkeeping Services:

  • We will give you Brantford bookkeeping services on site, remotely or a combination of both.
  • Accurate bank reconciliation’s will be performed on daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the client’s request.
  • Accounts payable and Accounts receivable – we will come up with a customized system to meet your business’s demands.
  • Full charge bookkeeping to meet your expectations.  As per your request, we will do as much bookkeeping as you want.
  • Payroll Services
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